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For the Shabby Chic Lovers

Magazine for Lovers of Shabby, Country, and French Chic… Last year I discovered a magazine that, from the first moment I saw the cover in my local bookshop and opened its pages, I absolutely had to have. It sits so beautifully with my shabby chic lifestyle. The quality is amazing and the price is affordable, […]

The Shabby Chic Gift Giver

The Shabby Chic Gift Giver Now that we are well into 2015, I am on the hunt for shabby chic bargains – I have a large family and some very close friends and they all have birthdays so it’s important if I want to continue each year to recognize these special days for special people […]

Shabby Chic ideas and products

Shabby Chic a lifestyle to enjoy Due to the success of ‘How to Create a Shabby Chic Lifestyle, Proclaim your shabby chic lifestyle when you step outside with this white frame shabby chic vintage country roses Designer iphone 4 4S Case. $10.95 and FREE shipping in the US. This is the sweetest and handiest little […]

Personality in the Home

Personality in the Home I have long been a fan of the shabby chic look and, for many years, practised it without really realising that was what I was doing. I believe any style – in clothes, home decor, gardens – that comes naturally to a person, generally reflects its author’s personality and genetic background. […]