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Explosion of Words

a There has been an explosion in the world of words. Writers who would otherwise have huge difficulty in getting traditionally published are self-publishing on the internet in their droves and, for a writer longing to see their work in print, this is a sure fire way to realise the dream. Unfortunately not all of […]

Getting it `Write’ at the Start – Help for New Writers

1)  You want to write a book but there are several things you want to know before you begin. 2)  You have started your book and come to a screeching halt. 3)  You have started writing your book and have completed two amazing chapters – but, suddenly, you are stuck – you seem to have […]

Help – How do I Start my Book?

You have had this story spinning around in your head for months. You have a few days break with nothing else lined up so it seems like a good time to begin putting it down in writing. You sit down at the computer and open a new document, imagining your story flooding the screen with […]

Decluttering Your Life

As someone who spends many hours at my computer each day, it would be easy to let things like boring household chores slide. Fortunately,  like most, I also like my surrounds to be neat and attractive. I find it distracting to work in a cluttered environment, even if it’s only the fact that my laundry is waiting to be […]