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Murder Mystery by P.Rose

Murder Mystery P.Rose, aka Amelie Rose,has been writing romance novels and short stories for several years but, as a lifelong lover of Agatha Christie’s whodunnit crime novels, and more recently the television series, Mid Sommer Murders, she finally in early 2015, committed to writing a cosy murder mystery of her own. Murder in Brambly Cott […]

To Write or to Market By Amelie Rose

To Write or to Market You have written a book, or perhaps more than one and have self-published online with smashwords, amazon, or any other/s of the multitude of online book publishing sites. As of now, some are selling okay and others barely at all. You had poured your heart and soul into the book/s you so wanted to write;  carefully researched a data […]

My Own Shabby Chic lifestyle

Shabby Chic Q: I want to create my own Shabby Chic lifestyle – where do I start? A: Just about anywhere at any time. It’s often quite inexpensive because a lot of the things you will purchase along the way will be already used, possibly quite old, and usually cheaper because of it. When you […]

The Shabby Chic Gift Giver

The Shabby Chic Gift Giver Now that we are well into 2015, I am on the hunt for shabby chic bargains – I have a large family and some very close friends and they all have birthdays so it’s important if I want to continue each year to recognize these special days for special people […]