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Welcome to busypen.com

Welcome to busypen.com

I am delighted you have chosen to visit and I hope you will stay awhile and browse through the different writers’ helps and various other posts.

When I started this blog, my main purpose was to encourage new writers. I know how difficult it can be for a new writer to break in and become a published author or successful freelance journalist – there is huge competition, particularly since the rise of internet publishing and e-readers.

My goal was to reach as many new writers as possible and show them that there are ways to overcome the stumbling blocks; things like writers’ block, periods of morbidity, lack of ideas and, worst of all, the `rejection letter,’ that arise to complicate our lives and sap our creativity and subsequently, our confidence.

It might help you to know that famous authors like Stephen King, J.K.Rowling and many others, suffered numerous rejections before someone saw and liked what they had written, enough to want to publish it.

Did they quiver and crumble and refuse to write another word amid so many negative results? No, they persevered in spite of the knockbacks; they had enough courage and belief in themselves and the quality of their writing to persist and, eventually, receive that wonderful first acceptance.

The First Acceptance

I know what an unforgettable moment this is. I can still remember coming home from the UK, where I was visiting family, to find a letter from an editor saying she had been trying to contact me by phone, that she loved what I had written, and would I please call her as soon as I received this letter. WHOOPEE!

Unfortunately, by the time I opened my mail, it was outside of business calling hours and I spent an entire sleepless night imagining what I would say, what she would say, and perhaps she didn’t actually want to publish but to give me some advice about improving my work. My worst scenario was that she thought it so bad it deserved a personal response just to ensure I never sent them anything again. Oh, yes, these thoughts did go through my head, even though she had said she loved it. I had to turn on the light several times to reread the letter then, satisfied that it was in a positive vein, try again to get to sleep. And so the cycle continued into the early dawn hours when I finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

No writer of my acquaintance, and possibly no writer at all, will ever forget the mix of elation and terror of that first precious acceptance.

A Writer’s Life

To many the life of a writer may seem romantic when the reality is that, too often, it can be difficult and trying, lonely and frustrating and filled with anxiety and hair-pulling – all of these things and more. But there is a flip side to every coin.

If writing is what you are drawn to do there will be no more rewarding and meaningful employment of your time on the face of this earth. Putting thoughts, facts and stories down on paper, tapping at the keyboard, scribbling in a notebook while the coffee goes cold; on the bus, in the car, lying in bed dreaming up new tales when you know you should be sleeping because you need to be up early in the morning, are all a part of any writer’s day and we wouldn’t change it for a villa in Spain and a cottage in the Cotswolds if it meant we could never write another word.

I hope you take time to read the articles contained in this blog and, even more, that you find something to help you. If you would like to contact me, make a comment, ask me a question, suggest an article, then email me at busypen@live.com and I will try to help.

No matter how long a person has been writing, we all need encouragement so, if you have been encouraged in any way by this blog, do drop me a line. I believe that in no other occupation is the need to help one another so critical.

So let’s share and learn together and see where it takes us.

United in words…


The writer’s life is a curse and a blessing but as a plant needs rain as well as sun to grow, so it is with writers.  Amelie Rose (2011)



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