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Sometimes a Mother’s Just Got to Brag


Sometimes a Mother’s Just Got to Brag

I love my blog – it’s a place where I can write and publish whatever I like about books and other things that I enjoy and have opinions on.
Today I thought I might share a little about my son. Since forever, Matthew has been totally madly in love with sports – all sports, some more than others – as a participant, avid critic, and opinionator. So as a parent, I suppose I could be forgiven for expecting him to follow the thing he was most passionate about – in some way or other.


When he first intimated that he was considering a career in hospitality, you could have knocked both my husband and me over with a swipe from a single feather.

“Where did that come from?” we chorused to one another.

Then, well, it’s his choice and he can be quite determined and there’s nothing wrong with hotel management. We could live with that.

Not management? (confused) Well what then?
You must be joking. Patisserie?


“But pastries are sweet and have sugar in them – you don’t eat sweet and sugary.”
Never ever in his life, not even the teensiest bit, not even remotely, could our son have ever been accused of having a sweet tooth. A cuisine chef might be slightly believable. But pastry?
Of course, he was pulling our legs, having a little joke (polite laughter).

Well, that little conversation certainly proved how little we knew the workings of our son’s mind. And 20 years down the track, he still loves his chosen industry with a passion.

To date he has baked his way around the world, worked in the kitchens of the luxury US Celebrity Cruise Lines, run the patisserie kitchen at the Auckland Five Star Hyatt hotel, been a commercial kitchen products sales rep (for a year in between, just to see the industry from another angle) and is now tutoring the next generation of patisserie chefs. Oh, and four years ago, he married the most amazingly talented and wonderful girl from Malaysia, who we all adore.

worlds largest Chocolate Kiwi

Author’s son makes World First Chocolate Kiwi

Worlds largest chocolate kiwi bird

Recently Matthew carved the world’s first solid chocolate life-size kiwi. It was auctioned off, with the funds going to the Kiwi Foundation. The chocolate was donated by its makers, Donovans Chocolate.

See them on facebook –www.facebook.com/donovanschocolates
And for the clip from the Current Affairs TV show, Seven Sharp, go here:

So when your child tells you they want to do something totally opposite to what you think they are going to want to do, take note; they probably do know what they are talking about. Oh, and in my case it doesn’t hurt to have someone nearby (three minutes down the road) who can salvage my crème brulee for me when it flops.

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Thanks for reading – and I did warn you that this was going to be a big long brag, didn’t I? Sometimes a mother’s just got to brag.
Happy days

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