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For the Shabby Chic Lovers

Magazine for Lovers of Shabby, Country, and French Chic…

Last year I discovered a magazine that, from the first moment I saw the cover in my local bookshop and opened its pages, I absolutely had to have. It sits so beautifully with my shabby chic lifestyle. The quality is amazing and the price is affordable, a real bonus considering this precious thing is not saturated with advertising.
And there’s another major PLUS – the publishers of Daphne’s Diary also indulge the reader with charming giveaways. I was amazed – in my humble opinion this is the loveliest, most interesting, and best-priced magazine on the market of its type. Actually, I’m not aware of another that comes even close to what this gorgeous piece of reading material, packed with ideas and interesting articles, provides.

Just before Christmas I moved from the big city to a small touristy town and visited the local bookshop. Sorry, no Daphne’s Diary here – I was told – Never heard of that one.
Well, guess what, they have now and I have a standing order in place. I’m never going to miss out on my copy of this loveliest, most gorgeous and beautiful magazine that has me speaking like an over-the-top ninny in superlatives. Sorry, can’t help it, Daphne’s Diary’s amazingness has me breaking all boundaries of commonsensical speech. Try it for yourself – I know you will love it.

Oh, and if anyone knows of another magazine, or anything else they think is worth a plug, because we are all about telling other shabby, country, and French chic lovers if something catches our eye, please email me the details at busypen@live.com and I will pass it on.

In the meantime, have a happy chic day.

Amelie xx

To find out more about Daphne’s Diary go here:  http://www.daphnesdiary.com/en/

For some shabby chic ideas and products, copy and paste this link and have some fun:   http://amzn.to/17sizoq

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