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My Own Shabby Chic lifestyle

Shabby Chic

Q: I want to create my own Shabby Chic lifestyle – where do I start?
A: Just about anywhere at any time. It’s often quite inexpensive because a lot of the things you will purchase along the way will be already used, possibly quite old, and usually cheaper because of it.
When you make the decision to create a new lifestyle, remember it’s not a race; it’s a journey to be savoured along the way, in fact it’s all about the journey. There is no finishing post – it’s a lifestyle change you’re looking for, not a race to completely reinvent yourself before next weekend, your birthday, Christmas, or whatever other date you may have set yourself.

The Journey

The beautiful thing about creating a shabby chic lifestyle is that the journey is a lifetime one which actually becomes a part of the changes you make. So sloooow down. You don’t have to change everything in your home and wardrobe immediately, and chucking your job in unless you’ve come into an inheritance or won the lottery would be a bit foolish – you still need money to actually live. So look at it as lifestyle changes you plan to be making for the rest of your natural and take your time about how and where and when and what you are going to change or replace next.

The Food

Shabby chic is definitely a way of life and encompasses everything from your wardrobe, your décor and even the food you cook. I have a cook book I have owned for years and which is still my go-to recipe finder when I have one or more of my shabby chic friends around for a meal – yes, several of my friends are shabby chic disciples with a bit of French and Country chic thrown in as they all complement one another and flow seamlessly together. The book I’m talking about is still available on Amazon and is just so special.

indexMr Pickwick's Plentiful Portions 1980 by Brenda Marshall

indexMr Pickwick’s Plentiful Portions 1980 by Brenda Marshall

Click here for Mr Pickwick’s Plentiful Portions 1980 by Brenda Marshall. Hardcover $45.00
If you want to carry the lifestyle through to every corner of your life this book is a definite must with recipes as cooked in Charles Dicken’s time and delightful extracts from his books introducing each recipe.

Making changes is about deciding that this is the way you want to live because straight clean immaculate lines don’t do it for you any more – if they ever did. This is fine for many but you are not one of them. Minimalism, where everything has its place with plenty of space around it, is not for you as are neither modern nor traditional styles. You actually enjoy a bit of clutter; you like your things around you, often old pieces of furniture with a story to tell, a bit of wear and tear that says, `I’ve been well-used, I’ve stood the test of time and now I’m yours. Do with me as you will – use me as a display piece for your lovely old lace, hang an old linen and lace nightie on me, pile some doilies on my shelves, show off those old pieces of china and adorn me with roses.’
Next week I will talk about bedrooms – no, not as in Fifty Shades, although we could probably go close to fifty shades of white, cream and pink.
Till then have a wonderfully shabby week.
Amelie xx

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