Excerpt of Love Child by Amelie Rose

  EXCERPT of Love Child by Amelie Rose. Home and safety were just around the corner. Forget answers, all she wanted was to turn back the clock and escape this nightmare. With a sudden burst of energy she raced away from him but, as she reached the white picket gate and lifted the latch, long […]

Who’s Doing What…in Brambly Cott

To all my lovely Busypen followers… My latest book is a venture into the unknown for me – the cosy murder mystery genre – but I have had such fun writing it. However, as this is my first attempt in this genre, regardless of how much I enjoyed the process, I decided to put the first chapter here […]

Friends and Family

I was speaking to a writer friend the other day and she asked me this question – How do you get friends and family to recognize your writing? For a few moments I was stuck for an answer and then I realized why – I have been asking myself that same question for years. It does seem […]

Health Benefits of Humour, Romance, and a Positive Attitude

  Health Benefits of Humour, Romance, and a Positive Attitude,   We have all heard about the health benefits of love, laughter, and great attitude. Nothing beats a good old belly laugh to make us feel good, or a weepy romance novel with a happy-ever-after outcome to make us smile, or seeing someone maintaining a […]

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