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New Favourite Author

I have just finished reading a book by Belinda Alexandra, a Russian/Australian author, and for the time it took me to read I was completely captivated. What a talent, what a story teller, what a gift to readers everywhere.

The book was titled Sapphire Skies and told the stories of two different women, one a Russian fighter pilot during the height of Stalin’s rule in WWII; the other, a modern Russian/Australian girl gone to live and work in Moscow after the death of her beloved fiancé.

As the stories of these two women are gradually revealed, the past and the present merge to bring a fateful and heart-wrenching conclusion.

What I found most fascinating was the picture drawn of Stalin from both a personal level (14-year-old Natalya’s viewpoint where she literally worshipped the man as a young girl) to the later devastating enlightenment of his true character and what he had done to her family. Then followed her own downfall under the terrifying rule in the war years between Stalin’s Communism and the German opposition. The interwoven love story is a real tear-jerker so be prepared with a box of tissues.

I highly recommend this book and will certainly be looking for more books by Belinda Alexandra. What a story teller. Such magic in her words.

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