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Latest book on Amazon

Henri’s Cellar


Amelie Rose’s new book is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store and will soon be available in paperback and later in audio.


When London-based business couple, Silvie and Tom Roth, go to France on a buying trip and some badly needed r&r, they are blissfully unaware of events back in London that are about to turn their lives upside down.

With their business in tatters, their bank accounts raided it seems that, despite the trauma, things might be going to turn out alright after all. With their home sold and the bank repaid, with what is left they buy a rundown cottage vineyard in France and Silvie is on track to see her dream of living in France come true.

However, they are in the final stages of moving when tragedy strikes and Silvie finds herself moving into her new home alone, devastated, and pregnant with twins.

A book by Amelie Rose called Henri's Cellar

Henri’s Cellar by Amelie Rose


Months later, as Silvie finally starts coming to terms with what has happened, she learns something that will disrupt her life yet again. It stems from an event in 1943 when a cache of stolen art, removed from a train heading to Berlin, is destroyed when the truck carrying it goes over a cliff. In an old diary, recently found, there is an entry that indicates the art was not, as always thought, on the truck the day it was destroyed.

“He said they had hidden the art in the house cellar. But there is not a cellar in the house and I know our wine cellar well and there is nothing in there,” Lilli told her. “So I am confused. I do not understand his meaning but I know he would not have written this if it were not true.”

It soon appears that Silvie’s closed little group are not the only ones who know of the art treasure’s possible existence. When a stranger calls, wanting to buy the property, Silvie begins to think that perhaps she is not quite so safe in her little cottage as she had thought.


Silvie couldn’t believe her eyes when she walked into her bright little kitchen. The floor was strewn with pots and broken plates; all the cupboard doors hung open, some of them off their hinges.

As they walked silently through the house they saw that every cupboard had been ransacked; dresser drawers were either hanging out or on the floor and their contents were strewn all over. The beds had also been attacked. Mattresses and pillows lay on the floor and the bases were turned upside down.

“I can’t believe it,” Silvie said at last in a stunned voice. “It looks like someone was looking for something but who, and why?”

“You are right, they were searching.”

She stared at him. It was like he had seen things like this before; his whole approach to the house and the way he seemed to be assessing the scene, seemed second nature to him. It was like watching a movie, only this was for real and it was in her home.

“These people, whoever they are, were here for a specific purpose,” he said, finally. “This was not a common burglary for petty theft; they were looking for something in particular.”

She could not believe what she was hearing. Who would want to burgle her home? Apart from furniture and personal effects and some bottles of good wine, which as far as she could tell were still in the wine rack in the dining room, the cottage held little else of significant value.

Perhaps whoever it was, thought she had a safe? It was the only thing she could think of, unless…

“You don’t think..?” she began.

He nodded. “It is the only thing. Lilli’s home was deserted for two years and remained untouched. Now we have learned Henri’s secret and suddenly it is ransacked.”

Silvie’s face drained of colour.

“But how would they have found out? The only people who know are those with connections to me and to the property. It doesn’t make sense. I would swear none of them would have had any hand in…in…something like this.”


The art, if it still existed, was not Silvie’s only problem. There were her deepening feelings for a man who was only in her life because of loyalty to his dead friend and the pregnancy that was slowing her down and making her feel less and less attractive by the day. How was it all going to end?

One thing was for sure; when Amis married Sabine, any personal fantasies she might be harbouring had better come to an end if she wanted to keep any kind of friendship alive.

When Christmas arrived and Silvie found herself the recipient of a gift that put an even more complicated spin on her life, she decided it was time to set her feet firmly on the ground and forget about the intensely desirable Amis Lamar, for good.

The problem was – she didn’t know how. And the clock was ticking.

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