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How to Write something interesting

How to Write Something Interesting

You want to write – something – anything – you just have this urge to get your thoughts and ideas down in writing – words that come from you. You have never written anything more than letters home because your folks don’t have a computer, emails to your friends, or the great ads you write when you sell things on Trademe or Ebay, but you are a regular reader of women’s magazines and you have ideas for articles and columns that you are sure would interest other readers like yourself.

You just want to write – something interesting. How difficult is that? But where do you start?

Welcome to `How to Write – Something Interesting.’ This book has been written with you in mind.

This book is not crammed full of technical jargon and stuff that you will never read – not yet anyway. Right now you just want to get started – and all you want is a little helpful nudge in the right direction.

`How to Write – Something Interesting’ includes the nuts and bolts information that many books on writing seem to bypass in favour of heavier language and grammar techniques and details and the more complex rules and principles of writing that are really written with the more advanced writer, or student of language, in mind.

Along with some helpful and easy techniques, and a load of common-sense and easy-to-understand suggestions and exercises, `How to Write – Something Interesting’ is designed to help you get started. IT will guide you gently towards completing your first honest-to-goodness piece of writing; written entirely by you, on your own, totally and utterly yours.

And once you have written that first piece, be it a letter, an email, a blog, short story, or whatever it is that you have been dying to get down on paper, you will have set the groundwork for your next piece, and your next.

And the most wonderful thing is that, with each piece of writing, you will get better and better, you will learn what works and what does not, you will begin to recognise when you have written something really well and when it needs more work – with practise you will become a more adept writer and, if you are really determined to have something actually published, and follow the correct submission procedures, you will one day see something you have written, in print.

And that, dear writer, is the whole aim and purpose of `How to Write – Something Interesting.’

So why not give it a try – everyone has to start somewhere – you could be the next Jilly Cooper, or TJ Rowling . Find this e-book at Amazon


E-book How to Write

E-book How to Write

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