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The Flying Pig

Aliens in Godzone

Aliens in Godzone

The Flying Pig

Sometimes a writer comes along with a different sense of imagination than most. The author of this little poem is one. Genesis Cotterell is the author of ‘Aliens in Godzone,’ a story that when I read it, I felt came as close as any to inventing a new genre within a genre.

When I heard this poem read for the first time, a number of years ago, I loved it but had no idea that the author was to go on to write some of the most fascinating fiction I have read in a long while.

So here is the

Ballad of the Flying Pig

– I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you would like to read some more from this author, click the following link and prepare for a great reading experience.  http://amzn.to/1z0imSd

Yesterday while at a farm
I met a man with a rubber arm
As he cleaned the pig sty out
He hit a piglet on the snout
Piglet flew into the sky
As if to prove that pigs can fly
The man said “Oh, what have I done?”
As piglet flew towards the sun

Then we heard an eerie sound
‘Twas piglet falling earthward bound
Faster than a speeding bullet
Piglet landed on a pullet
Squashing her into a pulp
At which the man did loudly gulp
Seeing what had come about
He said, “God save me, I want out.”

Piglet staggered to his feet
As if to beat a fast retreat
But then I watched in wondrous awe
hardly believing what I saw
As piglet then began to chase
The man who ran at speedy pace
Up and over yonder hill
I wonder if he’s running still.

So if you ever visit there
Do remember to take care
Piglets do not want to fly
And hardly ever even try
The word went round the sty that day
See a human, stay away
They send you up into the air
And they don’t even seem to care
The chooks were witness to the fate
That came upon their pullet mate
But piglet was not held to blame
Instead he gained a lasting fame
When he came back to the farm
With a large rubber arm
“You are our hero,” they said
But piglet just wanted to go to bed

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