Felicity Fleetwood’s Diary

Monday October 21st

Guess what dear diary, I’ve just bought a house. Well, a Manse actually, an absolute darling, a bit of a mausoleum but I’ll soon put that to rights. Now Gilbert’s gone for good and I can’t tell you how WONDERFUL that makes me feel, especially with the excellent settlement. I still get lots of lovely tingly feelings when I think about how he has had to pay, the cheating rat. I let him keep his yacht – silly thing, I never liked it and I certainly never wanted anything to do with where he held all his grubby little dalliances, but he did have to sell the mansion and the farm and really, that’s all I care about now. It will have hurt him terribly to write out that nice big fat cheque but I don’t care. I’m FREE! And Joshua deserves a medal, even besides his fat fee – he got me virtually everything I asked for.

But that’s all behind me now. My new home is in Brambly Cott, such a darling old village, I adore it. It’s one of those incredibly quaint Vicar of Dibley type places and the house reminds me of my Aunt Alma’s old place in Hyde – GowerHey Bank, all grand paneling and ornate ceilings and lots of rooms.

It’s on an acre. The church used to hold galas and garden parties on it. I’ve already rung Andrew and told him he will win design awards with this project and his partner, Simon, will have an absolute ball with the decor. The kitchen is a must-go. I have already decided on a complete new one, rather like dear Nigella’s, I fancy; I do so enjoy messing around in the kitchen. And the study, it’s a perfect size but so dark and gloomy. It needs to be lightened up, I envisage formal but comfortable with a soothing decor. I expect it is going to be a quite busy room.

It was Joshua who found the place for me, or at least he told me about it. He was playing golf with Major someone or other who lives in Brambly Cott and the subject came up. Joshua said he thought it sounded like me so I tootled along, not expecting much because I’ve been looking for quite a while, and BAM! I fell completely in love. We agreed on a contract the same day. That was yesterday and my mind is in a whirl. I’ve made lists to Africa and back, I’ve rung Daddy and everyone else I can think of and they are all excited. It’s going to be such fun.

The estate agent who sold it to me is also the village vet – he was very enthusiastic, said it was about time the old place had a new owner and he could see straight away that  I was someone who knew what she was about. I don’t think he sells many houses though – Brambly Cott doesn’t strike me as a place with a high turnover of property. I think it’s probably somewhere that people buy and never leave, at least I got that feeling about it. I expect once I move into MURDER MANOR that I’ll stay put too.

I can’t wait – yes, I know, I’ve said that before but it’s true, I absolutely, thoroughly, totally cannot wait to do the place up and move in. Then I can finally start the business I’ve been working on since my divorce. Mark my words Diary, there are going to be a lot of unresolved things solved, once I move to Brambly Cott.

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