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Excerpt of Love Child by Amelie Rose

Love child be amelie rose

Love Child


EXCERPT of Love Child by Amelie Rose. Home and safety were just around the corner. Forget answers, all she wanted was to turn back the clock and escape this nightmare. With a sudden burst of energy she raced away from him but, as she reached the white picket gate and lifted the latch, long fingers clamped firmly around her wrist.

With a squeak of alarm she turned, taking in the look of grim determination on the devastatingly handsome face praying she could delay the moment of truth.
“We are going to talk, Amber,” he grated, all pretence of friendliness gone.  “Like it or not, we are going to talk.”
Seething, she was about to yank free and give him a good old-fashioned mouthful of abuse when the very last sound she wanted to hear at that moment, echoed loudly in her ears.


“Tell me,” he growled after Jamie had been gathered up by his nanny and removed quickly to the house, “when did you realise he was mine?”
That did it.
“From the beginning,” she hissed. “Did you really need to ask that?” She glared angrily up at him. “But you fathered him, that’s all. It means nothing, he’s mine so why don’t you go back to France and forget you ever saw him.”
From the look on his face, she almost wished she had remained silent.
“Forget?” His voice was dangerously soft. “You are asking me to forget that after four years of silence from you, I now discover I have a son?”
“Silence from me? That’s rich. And if you didn’t know before, don’t pretend you don’t know now. Maggie told you in her letter so why the big act, as though it’s all news?”
“Letter? What are you talking about? What letter?” A deep flush stained the sharply angular peaks of his cheek bones as he glared furiously down at her.
Beginning to wish she had kept quiet, Amber swore inwardly. He sounded genuinely devastated, as though he really didn’t know about Jamie. Perhaps he hadn’t received Maggie’s note.
She was pondering this when her hand was caught in an iron grasp.
“I have seen no letter,” he ground out, slowly, “so please explain to me what it contained, who the devil is Maggie, and what all the secrecy is about?”
“You’re hurting me,” she cried, angrily, as she tried in vain to pull free.
Instantly, her hand was released. “Then give me some answers.”
Standing there, eyes narrowed into angry slits, arms taut at his sides, he reminded Amber of a great hungry jungle cat, preparing to spring.
“Although,” he said softly, “time is not quite so critical now…is it, Amber?”
She felt a gag of dismay rise in her throat as he added, “I imagine I shall be staying after all.”
She was trembling as she glared up at him, determined not to let him see how affected she was by this sudden revelation. Staying? How would she be able to bear it?

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