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I don’t know about you but I love the lead up to Christmas – that 12 week count-down period where the shopping is insane and we are inundated with retail advertising in our mail boxes and just about everywhere else we turn. I LOVE it all. The Christmas carols, the old tunes that create nostalgia for us baby boomers, who grew up believing in the Christ message alongside the warm fuzzy tales of Santa and his reindeer.

By the time I was about eight years old, I knew Santa wasn’t actually real but he still remained important in my child’s mind because of what he stood for, the whole idea of what Christmas was about – the giving and receiving, the happiness that seemed to abound at this time of year, but it wasn’t just that. It was the love that emanated all around me. My older sister was nicer to me, I was allowed to stay up a bit later at night making Christmas decorations to drape around our home in the last two weeks before the big day; the music – Good King Wenselas, We Three Kings, and my absolute favourite that still brings tears to my eyes, Silent Night. Then there was the shopping for family gifts with the small amount of cash I had saved from my pocket money and the spell-binding anticipation of what might lie in the pillow slip at the end of my bed when I awoke on Christmas morning.

With everything in me, the memories of a blissful childhood and my belief in love and goodness towards all, has not faded with age and, because it’s Christmas, I am setting up a folder this year for some heart-warming Christmas tales for all to read. I invite all you wonderful writers, who follow Busypen, to submit a Christmas story, true or fiction, and I will post a selection here with links to your books on and/or whatever other links you want.

The Rules
In submitting, you are allowing Busypen to publish your story. All other rights remain your property. All I ask is that the story you submit be fit for all ages and nationalities with no violence, sex, sci-fi or bad language. Where stories are deemed a good fit to Busypen, we will post it with the writer’s credit. If it has been published elsewhere before, no problem, so long as you have the full rights to offer it for posting on this site. Busypen accepts no responsibility for any story it prints, relying on the author to submit only what is theirs to do so.

Okay, got that bit out of the way. I am going to kick this off now with a story of my own – The Christmas Fairy.

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