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Becoming an author

Becoming an Author So you finished writing your book six months ago. And you have rewritten it seventeen times since. But it’s still not perfect – each time you go through it you find something that needs fixing. Well, you say, You are stalling. Sooner or later, unless you are simply writing for your own […]

Books by my bed

Books by my bed One book is like eating one potato chip. I think most readers, and writers (who are also prolific readers), could relate to those eight little words. I found the anonymous quote recently on  Pinterest and thought how very apt. It drew me to check my bedside table, which generally houses several books. […]

I want to Write

The Five W’s of Writing (or of anything else you love to do)   I read once that it takes a writer one million words before the world is ready to take them seriously. Well, that’s a lot of words and if it were true then I’m certain a lot of wonderful books would never […]

Explosion of Words

a There has been an explosion in the world of words. Writers who would otherwise have huge difficulty in getting traditionally published are self-publishing on the internet in their droves and, for a writer longing to see their work in print, this is a sure fire way to realise the dream. Unfortunately not all of […]

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