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Book Reviews – How helpful are they?

Public reviews of books are seen by writers as the life’s blood of promotion, dictating how widely the books are likely to be read. Let’s face it – without reviews, all that readers have to go on, about the type of book they are contemplating buying, are the editor’s comment and a back cover blurb […]

More Books by My Bed

I’ve had a delicious feast of words lately and to crown it all off have just finished The Visitors by Sally Beauman. For SB fans this is an absolute must-read. It’s a work of art, beautifully penned with a story that spans several decades from 1923, leaping in time between England and Egypt with the […]

Beezee Books

A new site is proving popular for authors wanting another place to promote their book/s.  Have a look at and contact the owner if you would like the extra exposure. It’s a site by authors for authors – and buyers of course as a listing can link to where the books are being sold. […]

The Struggles of Unagented Indie Authors

Being an Indie author is a fairly popular path these days – not necessarily because writers want to but because securing an agent’s attention with a blistering synopsis and riveting first three chapters (or maybe as little as 10 double spaced pages) is a fairly hit and miss business. In fact, it can be darned […]

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