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To Write or to Market By Amelie Rose

To Write or to Market You have written a book, or perhaps more than one and have self-published online with smashwords, amazon, or any other/s of the multitude of online book publishing sites. As of now, some are selling okay and others barely at all. You had poured your heart and soul into the book/s you so wanted to write;  carefully researched a data […]

New Favourite Author

I have just finished reading a book by Belinda Alexandra, a Russian/Australian author, and for the time it took me to read I was completely captivated. What a talent, what a story teller, what a gift to readers everywhere. The book was titled Sapphire Skies and told the stories of two different women, one a Russian […]

Writing Strengths and Weaknesses

I read something interesting the other day and thought it would be useful to share with other writers. Actually, it doesn’t apply to just writers; people running any kind of business could benefit from these three steps of advice. I don’t know who wrote it other than that they were credited by Bob and Debby Gass in their […]

A Writer’s Imagination by Amelie Rose

  A Writer’s Imagination `With rainbows in my pocket, sun in my smile, and wings to circumnavigate the universe, there is no limit to where my imagination can take me.’ Is this how you feel as a writer? Imagine if you could soar and swoop around the universe, catching rainbows, beaming at the sun, dancing in the […]

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