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  TAKE THE SLOW LANE   Recently, while travelling in Europe, I discovered a unique, physically undemanding, workout method and several reasons to take the slow lane. Have you ever driven, or been driven, on Germany’s Autobahn? Or the motorways in Italy and France? I haven’t driven but I have been a passenger. It might […]

Ten Tips for the Baby Boomer’s European OE.

Europe is one of the most fascinating land masses on the planet. It’s what we baby boomers, on the other side of the world, view from a distance as the place from where the fairy tales of our childhood emerged; where Christmas is cold and white and the seasons are back to front; the place […]

The Magic of Greece

THE MAGIC OF GREECE   I have always wanted to take a cruise around the Greek Islands. In 2007 I almost made it and now, five years later, I have finally achieved my dream. It nearly didn’t happen. Left to our own devices – my husband and I – we would probably have done our […]