Aliens in Godzone Book Description

Aliens in Godzone (An Alien Murder Mystery) Genesis Cotterell. Aliens, called Ryxins, have come to Earth. They have been here for over 100 years already. But Humans are having trouble keeping their numbers down. They look like Humans except for a few features and special powers. Earth’s Governments are fighting an uphill battle. There is […]

Latest book on Amazon

Henri’s Cellar   Amelie Rose’s new book is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store and will soon be available in paperback and later in audio. Blurb… When London-based business couple, Silvie and Tom Roth, go to France on a buying trip and some badly needed r&r, they are blissfully unaware of events back in […]

Books by my Bed

  Books by my Bed My bedside table is groaning under the weight of my latest pile of eclectic reading material.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than discovering a new must-read and adding it to the stack; it’s one of life’s greatest little pleasures – the actual reading is only surpassed by the anticipation of […]

How to Write something interesting

How to Write Something Interesting You want to write – something – anything – you just have this urge to get your thoughts and ideas down in writing – words that come from you. You have never written anything more than letters home because your folks don’t have a computer, emails to your friends, or […]

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