The Magic of Books

The Magic of Books by Amelie Books I have recently enjoyed This year has been a wonderful one for great books read. At any one time I have several books beside my bed, patiently awaiting their turn to entertain and inspire me. The last few months have been no exception and along the way I […]

The Flying Pig

The Flying Pig Sometimes a writer comes along with a different sense of imagination than most. The author of this little poem is one. Genesis Cotterell is the author of ‘Aliens in Godzone,’ a story that when I read it, I felt came as close as any to inventing a new genre within a genre. When I […]

Excerpt of Love Child by Amelie Rose

  EXCERPT of Love Child by Amelie Rose. Home and safety were just around the corner. Forget answers, all she wanted was to turn back the clock and escape this nightmare. With a sudden burst of energy she raced away from him but, as she reached the white picket gate and lifted the latch, long […]

Henri’s Cellar by Amelie Rose (Book description and reviews)

  France 1943 A train heading for Berlin, is hijacked and a carriage load of its contents removed. History records a tragic loss of life and the destruction of a cache of priceless art. France 2013 Business couple, Silvie and Tom Roth have lost everything and their previously successful London-based business is in tatters. In […]

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