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Decluttering Your Life

As someone who spends many hours at my computer each day, it would be easy to let things like boring household chores slide. Fortunately,  like most, I also like my surrounds to be neat and attractive. I find it distracting to work in a cluttered environment, even if it’s only the fact that my laundry is waiting to be […]

A Write Christmas

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in a sweet little home deep in a big dark forest. The princess’ name was Penelope Pushkin or, to those who knew her well enough, Pennypee.  Pennypee had been raised in the cottage by her Fairy Godmother, Alicia Alderdorf, who taught Pennypee her lessons […]

Becoming a Writer

When is a writer, a writer? It’s easy to call oneself `a writer,’ many do and yet their work may rarely, if ever, be published. So should they not use the title? Even if the sum total of their work consists of letters to the editor, snippets of a story that’s floating around in their […]

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