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Writers Block

When the muse deserts and all is blank there is nothing to do but pray and await its return. Anonymous. As writers, we all know how difficult it can be at times to actually sit down and write. Sometimes it seems impossible to carry on. Our words dry up; inspiration deserts us and all we […]

Getting it `Write’ at the Start – Help for New Writers

1)  You want to write a book but there are several things you want to know before you begin. 2)  You have started your book and come to a screeching halt. 3)  You have started writing your book and have completed two amazing chapters – but, suddenly, you are stuck – you seem to have […]

Help – How do I Start my Book?

You have had this story spinning around in your head for months. You have a few days break with nothing else lined up so it seems like a good time to begin putting it down in writing. You sit down at the computer and open a new document, imagining your story flooding the screen with […]

Pink Virgins

“You can’t lose if you give them handsome highwaymen, duels, 3-foot fountains and whacking great horses and dogs all over the place.” Barbara Cartland. It may sound odd in today’s literary climate of `anything goes,’ but Dame Barbara (1901 – 2000) wrote about heroines who were unrelentingly chaste and pure. And to prove how popular this concept was, by the mid 90’s her […]

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