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Murder Mystery by P.Rose

Murder Mystery P.Rose, aka Amelie Rose,has been writing romance novels and short stories for several years but, as a lifelong lover of Agatha Christie’s whodunnit crime novels, and more recently the television series, Mid Sommer Murders, she finally in early 2015, committed to writing a cosy murder mystery of her own. Murder in Brambly Cott […]

Dieter’s Lament by Pam Smith

Dieter’s Lament It’s taken awhile but I’ve finally accepted the fact that my dainty size 10 is now a thing of the long distant past. I’ve also reached the more humiliating stage where my reaction to something I’d rather not think about, like my weight, is to keep on justifying it. Sure, I’ve gained a […]

Writing For Fun

Writing For Fun by Amelie Rose Record your thoughts and dreams and turn a beginner’s writing project into a lifetime’s satisfying hobby. Okay, so you’re not planning on penning a world-rocking blockbuster of a novel, or fancy memoir – you just want to write down your thoughts and record events and incidents for your own pleasure and […]

Health Benefits of Humour, Romance, and a Positive Attitude

  Health Benefits of Humour, Romance, and a Positive Attitude,   We have all heard about the health benefits of love, laughter, and great attitude. Nothing beats a good old belly laugh to make us feel good, or a weepy romance novel with a happy-ever-after outcome to make us smile, or seeing someone maintaining a […]

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