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Aliens in Godzone Book Description

Aliens in Godzone (An Alien Murder Mystery) Genesis Cotterell. Aliens, called Ryxins, have come to Earth. They have been here for over 100 years already. But Humans are having trouble keeping their numbers down. They look like Humans except for a few features and special powers. Earth’s Governments are fighting an uphill battle. There is […]

Sometimes a Mother’s Just Got to Brag

  Sometimes a Mother’s Just Got to Brag I love my blog – it’s a place where I can write and publish whatever I like about books and other things that I enjoy and have opinions on. Today I thought I might share a little about my son. Since forever, Matthew has been totally madly […]

Freelance Writing

  Getting Started as a Writer When a writer decides to negotiate the tricky path to publication on their own, it can often be a long lonely haul; unlike that of a staff reporter or journalist, for instance, where their writing is often done in a room full of other writers and editors. The life […]