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Welcome to

Welcome to I am delighted you have chosen to visit and I hope you will stay awhile and browse through the different writers’ helps and various other posts. When I started this blog, my main purpose was to encourage new writers. I know how difficult it can be for a new writer to break […]

The Magic of Greece

THE MAGIC OF GREECE   I have always wanted to take a cruise around the Greek Islands. In 2007 I almost made it and now, five years later, I have finally achieved my dream. It nearly didn’t happen. Left to our own devices – my husband and I – we would probably have done our […]

Writers Block

When the muse deserts and all is blank there is nothing to do but pray and await its return. Anonymous. As writers, we all know how difficult it can be at times to actually sit down and write. Sometimes it seems impossible to carry on. Our words dry up; inspiration deserts us and all we […]