Writing Strengths and Weaknesses

I read something interesting the other day and thought it would be useful to share with other writers. Actually, it doesn’t apply to just writers; people running any kind of business could benefit from these three steps of advice. I don’t know who wrote it other than that they were credited by Bob and Debby Gass in their […]

A Writer’s Imagination by Amelie Rose

  A Writer’s Imagination `With rainbows in my pocket, sun in my smile, and wings to circumnavigate the universe, there is no limit to where my imagination can take me.’ Is this how you feel as a writer? Imagine if you could soar and swoop around the universe, catching rainbows, beaming at the sun, dancing in the […]

For the Shabby Chic Lovers

Magazine for Lovers of Shabby, Country, and French Chic… Last year I discovered a magazine that, from the first moment I saw the cover in my local bookshop and opened its pages, I absolutely had to have. It sits so beautifully with my shabby chic lifestyle. The quality is amazing and the price is affordable, […]

My Own Shabby Chic lifestyle

Shabby Chic Q: I want to create my own Shabby Chic lifestyle – where do I start? A: Just about anywhere at any time. It’s often quite inexpensive because a lot of the things you will purchase along the way will be already used, possibly quite old, and usually cheaper because of it. When you […]

The Shabby Chic Gift Giver

The Shabby Chic Gift Giver Now that we are well into 2015, I am on the hunt for shabby chic bargains – I have a large family and some very close friends and they all have birthdays so it’s important if I want to continue each year to recognize these special days for special people […]

Shabby Chic ideas and products

Shabby Chic a lifestyle to enjoy Due to the success of ‘How to Create a Shabby Chic Lifestyle, Proclaim your shabby chic lifestyle when you step outside with this white frame shabby chic vintage country roses Designer iphone 4 4S Case. $10.95 and FREE shipping in the US. This is the sweetest and handiest little […]

On Character

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” ― Helen Keller

A Little Wine Quote

“With wine in hand, one reaches the happy state – where men are wise, women beautiful; and even one’s children begin to look promising”. –Anon.

The Flying Pig

The Flying Pig Sometimes a writer comes along with a different sense of imagination than most. The author of this little poem is one. Genesis Cotterell is the author of ‘Aliens in Godzone,’ a story that when I read it, I felt came as close as any to inventing a new genre within a genre. When I […]

Writing For Fun

Writing For Fun by Amelie Rose Record your thoughts and dreams and turn a beginner’s writing project into a lifetime’s satisfying hobby. Okay, so you’re not planning on penning a world-rocking blockbuster of a novel, or fancy memoir – you just want to write down your thoughts and record events and incidents for your own pleasure and […]

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